Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduating Customer

"Pheww" He said as he walked in the room. "This last module on Provider Research was something else", he walked as he flicked through his tablet. "I don't really understand, what's it you're doing" his father said. "I'm studying customership studies foundation. Well, my objective is to become a certified customer. I'm going to specialize in well-being" his father just continued to look in his archaic iPhone as he shook his head thinking what he heard was nonsense.

Moral of the Ser Fi:
Customership Studies is a branch of science that may develop one day as a result of the customers feeling highly empowered, integrated and expected to deeply contribute to service design, production .. etc. The studies will include best practices and knowledge on how to be the most effective and contributing to services you get involved in.  This may be another way of creating the match between the needs and the offering. The gap doesn't always have to be closed from the provider's side.
The common customer knowledge have been there for 1000s of years but more on the usage side, What we're addressing here is on contribution to the strategy, design and delivery.
At that point operations, strategy .. etc could be topics for study for customers but with a different lens.

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