Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shopping for Services

He has not received a list of services his wife and children would like to buy  as usual, but he didn't feel Stuck anyway. He decided he can just start with the promotion area and use this as a good initial reminder of what they may need and work the rest between the display panels.
His children don't like to accompany him for this trip, they simply don't belong to this old way of exchanging things. They normally do it on the internet and without having to use these things called credit card. They just feel so ancient doing any of that stuff. Having to go to a hypermarket to buy their services is just beyond traditional for them.
He finally walked in the hypermarket and headed to the promotion area. There he found new offers from some schooling businesses for this week. It included discount on the history course for his daughter packaged with 3 trips to Asia. For him, he found it more relevant than this coolness-boosting and reflection-encouraging transformations he first saw as he stepped in. "Yes, at least here I can see the large size of everything and feel some materials. This internet thing really give me issues", he thought.
He passed by the food section and went through all the placed offers "one nation a day", "office-meals", "It's not about taste, it's about match", "just like mom's", "On the go", "Sandwich that calls before arrival" he went through the various offered food packages. He wanted to get something for the week. "OK! that's new!" he stood by a screen that said "Daily crowd-sourced selection" he flipped through the menu and saw how some menus are being formed right now. He liked the idea of being able to eat something related to his media consumption during yesterday. For him, it felt nice to see a dish, plate, celebrity, or nutritional fact and get food served accordingly. He punched his card through to order food for the entire week.
He went to the automotive section and ordered a nice "Jaguar" for his outing with his wife in the weekend night and a harley-davidson for seeing his friends. He headed for the pets section where he ordered a one week of 2 meters marine aquarium. He then noticed it's about time to check the clothing section to decide on what he would like to rent for this week. He's glad he can decide everyday on what fits not only his mood but also his shrinking dieted body.

Moral of the Ser Fi.

  1. From products to services
  2. From ownership to access